Hi!  I'm Elodie.

And this is my mom, Lindsey.

I love music, chatting, traveling, Mickey Mouse and my big puppy, Sadie.

photo 5 (3).JPG

My mom?  Well she loves a lot of things...

But most of all me (and daddy, of course.)

As you can see I was born with a pretty rockin' head of hair.

Lucky for me, I was also born with a great sense of humor.

So when my mom started taking & sharing these funny side-by-side pics with our close family and friends, I was totally on-board.

Slowly these little joke-shots became quite popular.  People started sharing them, sending my mom notes telling her much they loved them and asking her when there would be more.  Who knew these would be such a hit!  So now mom and I are here, giving our funny little hobby a shiny new home.

Follow me to see who I'll be challenging to my next face-off.  And baby friends - feel free to send me your own face-offs!  Let's show everyone - baby faces always win!