Welcome Friends!

Hi There! Welcome to our blog & our family.  We’re the Rinaudo’s, your pretty standard 2 kids, a dog & a picket-fence kinda family.  Just like you, we work really freaking hard; our heads spinning trying to balance kids’ school, sports, dance, swimming, jobs, laundry, meals and everything in-between.  The one thing that keeps us going?  The chance to escape, explore and experience the world together.  After all, what better gift can we give our children than a sense of adventure, curiosity and courage to discover what exists beyond their everyday lives? 

Our passports are worn with some nice stamps under our belts but we’re by no means the global citizens that spend their lives on the road.  Just normal people like you, hustling at our day jobs while dreaming what the next adventure has in-store. 

Whether it's the food we cook, the shows we watch, or the favorite books we read our kids, exploring the world is our everyday passion - even when we’re not actually on the road. We started this blog to share our adventures and connect with other like-minded wanderlusts, always dreaming about where the next adventure will take them.

Follow us on our journey traveling with kids (and sometimes without), discovering, eating, walking, exploring, learning and loving every minute of the adventure. You can also hang out with us on Instagram. And please share your adventures, tips and stories with us! We’re always looking for inspiration on where to go next!